Student Theses


The Chair of Intelligent Control Systems proposes a range of thesis projects in the wide area of

  • systems theory,
  • control and
  • optimization.

To apply for a given project or to discuss further about it, feel free to contact the corresponding person.

Normally there are further theses related to the research topics available, where no special proposal is formulated, yet. If you are interested in such a topic, please get in touch with the corresponding contact person.

Open Theses
Title Type (BA/MA) Contact Person
Model Predictive Control of Unknown Linear Systems MA Dennis Gramlich
Fast and Partial Identification of Stabilizable Systems MA Dennis Gramlich
Regularization in Differential Dynamic Programming MA Dennis Gramlich
Extremum Seeking Control MA Marc Weber

Current Theses
Title Type (BA/MA) Supervisor Started
Cooperative trajectory planning and tracking of connected autonomous vehicles MA

Christian Ebenbauer

Michael Reyer

Performance Analysis and Scalability of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Climatisation of Multi-Zone Buildings MA

Michael Reyer

Completed Theses
Title Type (BA/MA) Supervisor


Robust verification of neural network policies using global optimization MA

Dennis Gramlich

Development and Comparison of AHRS-Algorithms for Accurate and Robust Altitude Estimation of an Autonmous Underwater Robot BA Christian Ebenbauer 10/22
Lab Experiment Float Shield: Identification and Filtering BA Marc Weber 05/22
Juggling with Apollo: Non-smooth iterative learning control MA Christian Ebenbauer 02/22