Controller Design with Arduino

  Box with Arduino and tube with ball Copyright: © IC

The Chair of Intelligent Control Systems (IC) offers the laboratory "Controller Design with Arduino" for the labs Laboratory Computer Engineering and Laboratory Communication Engineering in two different variants. On one hand there is the possibility to conduct the lab as usual partly as preparotry homework and partly as lab in presence. On the other hand we offer to conduct the lab completely as take-home lab. Prerequisites for a succesfull participation is knowledge from the course System Theory I.

Students will work with our FloatShield experimental setup. FloatShield is a subproject of the open source project AutomationShield, which describes its own goals on their github page as follows.

AutomationShield is an open-source hardware and software initiative focused on creating tools for control engineering and mechatronics education. The core of the project are reference designs of extension modules for the popular Arduino microcontroller prototyping boards, which are implementing feedback control experiments to teach control systems engineering and mechatronics. These hardware extensions—known in the Arduino world as shields—are then in essence experimental systems on a single printed circuit board (PCB).

More information may be found on the German page.